Breakfast in the classroom

Breakfast will be served to each student right in the classroom! All students will have an opportunity during the first 10 minutes of class to eat breakfast with their classmates and obtain the fuel needed to get through the morning ready to learn. Breakfast is provided at NO CHARGE and participation is strictly voluntary.
How does it work?
Each day, breakfasts are packaged in insulated bags and labeled by classroom. Student monitors roll the bags to their classroom. Each student will take his/her own complete meal. Students eat while the teacher takes morning roll, reviews previously assigned work and reads announcements. This normally takes about ten minutes. Trash is put into a trash can inside their classroom. Students tie off the bag, leave it in the trash can and place it outside the classroom. Students return the rolling insulated bags to the kitchen. No food is left inside the classroom.
What foods are served in Breakfast in the Classroom?
Milk is served daily. Entrées are nourishing and easy to eat quickly and include popular breakfast items such as cold cereal and yogurt. On “Hot Food Days” a hot entrée such as a breakfast burrito or breakfast sandwich will be served.