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Drew's 4 P's

The 4 P’s
At Drew, we are Polite
  •    We engage with faculty and staff with appropriate and respectful behavior.
  •   We respect school property, peers, school staff and ourselves.
  •   We take pride in our school. We practice good manners.
  •  We are Collaborative and active listeners.
  •  We build relationships.
  • At Drew, we are Prepared
  •  We value education and instructional time.
  •  Students are responsible for bringing their homework, projects, supplies and all
  • other items needed for the school day.
  •  Students actively participate in class and strive to reach their highest academic
  • potential.
  •  Students maintain an excellent attendance rate by coming to school everyday and
  • arriving on time.
  •  Students are Critical Thinkers with a willingness to learn and succeed.
       At Drew, we are Productive
  •  We are Creative.
  • We are attending class and learning.
  • We are using instructional strategies to master concepts.
  • We are meeting graduation requirements.
  • We are leading parent/student conferences.
  •  We are engaging parents with ALL school communications.
       At Drew, we are Prompt
  • Students Communicate their willingness to learn and succeed.
  • Students are positively acknowledged for good attendance.
  • Students are reminded every morning to be in class on time.
  • Students take tardy sweeps seriously.
  • Students enter campus immediately after drop off in the morning, and do not loiter in the parking lot or the perimeter of the school.
  • Students go home within 30 minutes after dismissal.