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Title I

Each school with a School Improvement Program is mandated by the State to establish a School Site Council. The SSC has the responsibility to review the implementation and effectiveness of the local School Improvement Program. The SSC annually develops a plan and budget to reflect the needs and priorities at the school. Membership includes parity between school personnel (the principal, teachers and others) and the community (parents, students and others).

The School Site Council (SSC) is responsible for developing the Single Plan for Student Achievement. The council is guided by Federal law (Title I), California law (Education Code 52012) and LAUSD policy (BUL-6332.0). The SSC also ensures that the following mandates are met:

  1. The creation of the school-level Title I Parent Involvement Policy

  2. The creation of the Title I School-Parent Compact

  3. The development of the Title I parent involvement budget

  4. The proposed expenditures of all categorical funds

  5. The development of the comprehensive school safety plan

Members of the SSC include:

  • Parents

  • (Classified) Staff members

  • Teachers

  • Administrators