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Mrs. Ramirez Health

 Health Education - Fall 2022

Mrs. Wendy Ramirez | [email protected]


Course Description: The health curriculum helps students examine their lifestyles, select goals, and make plans to achieve and maintain optimum health. This involves choosing behaviors that help prevent illness and accidents and promote the health of oneself and others. The curriculum provides current facts in the areas of health and wellness, exercise and fitness, nutrition, use and misuse of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, infectious diseases, and sexual health.


It is important that students show up ready to learn every day. All learning materials will be provided by the instructor. Learning activities include guided notes, group discussions, creating posters or flyers, analyzing scenarios, problem-solving, performing research, giving presentations, and more. Students will work collaboratively to gain perspective from diverse voices in the classroom and get the most out of this short course. All handouts, including notes and other activities, will be organized and kept in students’ Health notebooks so that they will exit this course with a comprehensive health resource that they may refer to in the future.


  1. Attendance rules are not flexible and must be adhered to. In order to satisfy class requirements, students must be present and on time each day:
  • Attendances will be taken at the beginning of each period. The class will begin promptly at the scheduled time.
  • Attendance is critical. It is the student's responsibility to collect any information missed due to absences. This includes lesson notes and assignments.
  • Illness and medical appointments are absences.
  • Assigning make-up work for illness will be at the discretion of the teacher and the administration.



  1. Class will begin promptly at the scheduled time.
  2. All students must respect the instructor and the class. Listen while others are talking and do not interrupt.
  3. Students must wear uniforms every day
  4. No cell Phones
  5. Follow the 4 Ps